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Association Management

We are a boutique association management firm based in Albany, New York, representing clients that operate in state, national, and global markets.

We can help you form a new association, coalition, or foundation, or revitalize an existing one. We can also help you take your all-volunteer organization to the next level.

Over our 30 years in the business we have developed and implemented strategies helping public and private sector association clients grow their revenues, membership, and influence.

We managed and raised substantial funds for foundations supporting the work of NCOIL and NCLGS. Those efforts funded research and analysis that contributed substantially to public policy discussions on issues ranging from insurance market conduct examinations to treatment of unclaimed lottery prize money.  

We helped found and guide the initial growth of the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS), an organization of state legislators that has contributed substantially to policy dialogues on a wide range of gaming issues through its development of top-notch model legislation and policy studies.

We have been with the Association of Financial Guaranty Insurers (AFGI), representing the monoline bond insurance industry, since its 1986 founding. We have helped industry members meet their public policy needs, even through periods of unprecedented upheaval in the financial sector.

The Industry Education Council to NCOIL (the IEC) has enjoyed a 60% growth in its membership under our management. We have enhanced the value of membership, grown the organization’s visibility and credibility, and systematically and actively engaged existing members in new member recruitment and retention.

We catalyzed the growth of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) into a major player in public policy discussions and decisions in insurance. Under our management, NCOIL amplified the voice of state legislators in a sector crowded with powerful stakeholders. Average attendance at NCOIL conferences doubled over the ten years of our management.

Government Affairs

We have helped our clients meet a wide range of public policy goals in New York and in Washington, D.C. We have also successfully lobbied in other states, and before organizations like the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

We are skilled in every area of government affairs, from strategy development and formation of alliances and coalitions to bill drafting and on-the-ground lobbying. Our relationships and credibility are unmatched.

We helped achieve strong and productive financial guaranty insurance laws in New York, California and Connecticut. These were the nation’s first risk-based capital laws. 

We have successfully represented clients before NCOIL and the NAIC in connection with their model legislation and regulations. 

We helped achieve adoption by NCOIL of a resolution that helped preserve a strong medical malpractice market. 

Research and Analysis

We can provide you with highly credible research and analysis. Our reports are known for their clarity, substance and accuracy.

The significant studies, landmark reports, and timely books we have authored or spearheaded have helped government affairs and compliance professionals do their jobs, and have helped frame important public policy decisions. A few examples follow.

Taxation of Multistate E&S Placements: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis, for the Excess Line Association of New York (ELANY), addressed a major friction point in potential federal incursions into the state-based insurance regulatory system, and was the subject of major public policy discussions at NCOIL, the NAIC, and in several states. 

Rising Waters, Mounting Challenge — Flood Prevention, Protection and Assistance, a report on the National Flood Insurance Program, published under the auspices of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and NCOIL, contributed to more aggressive implementation of flood mitigation strategies, and more effective use of federal dollars by local governments.

Several other studies for NCOIL and its sister Insurance Legislators Foundation (ILF) addressed issues like medical costs in workers’ compensation, automobile safety, reinsurance collateral, and market conduct examinations. 

Who We Are

Bob Mackin and Teresa Casey formed the partnership Mackin & Casey in 2010 after several years working together in the company Bob founded in 1985.

We look forward to serving our existing and new clients with the boutique-level service that is our hallmark.

Bob Mackin, Founding Principal

Bob Mackin, Founding Principal

Bob Mackin, Founding Principal of Mackin and Casey, formed and served as president of Mackin & Company for 25 years. Bob has fostered the growth of several associations and foundations, including:

  • the Association of Financial Guaranty Insurers (AFGI),
  • the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL),
  • the Industry Education Council to NCOIL (the IEC),
  • the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS),
  • the Insurance Legislators Foundation, and 
  • the NCLGS Foundation.

Before founding Mackin & Company, Bob’s career included tours of duty in government, politics, and the media. Bob served as:

  • Assistant State Insurance Commissioner in California,
  • Executive Assistant to the New York State Superintendent of Insurance,
  • Staff Director of the New York Senate Insurance Committee, and
  • Director of Public Affairs for the New York State Urban Development Corporation (UDC).

Bob also served as campaign press secretary to U.S. Senator James L. Buckley, and began his career as a press aide to the New York Attorney General. As a political consultant, Bob compiled a won-lost record of 12-1.

Bob had an extensive career as a journalist, including a stint as Associate Editor of Parade. Articles he has written have appeared in mainstream publications such as the New York TimesNewsweek, Parade, and TV Guide, as well as several insurance and other trade press outlets.

He is author of Jackhammer, a World War II espionage thriller described by Kirkus Reviews as “an extremely confident debut that’s fast-paced and full of surprises.”

Bob holds a Master’s degree in communication from Fordham University Graduate School and a Bachelor’s from Fordham College. He was president of the Fordham University Graduate Student Association. 

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Teresa M. Casey, Principal

Teresa M. Casey, Principal

Teresa M. Casey, Principal, joined Bob Mackin in 1997.

Teresa is the Executive Director of the Association of Financial Guaranty Insurers (AFGI) and represents AFGI in New York. She is also the lead staff person for the Industry Education Council to NCOIL (the IEC), which Mackin & Casey serves as Administrator.


  • has managed AFGI government affairs initiatives in New York and before the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC);
  • has facilitated media and other communications needs; and
  • is the primary author of a report on taxation of multistate insurance transactions in the non-admitted market, prepared for the Excess Line Association of New York (ELANY).

Teresa holds a BA in anthropology from Bard College, and has completed the Empire State Society of Association Executives (ESSAE) Association Leadership Academy course.

Teresa is Immediate Past Chair of the foundation that supports Girls Incorporated of the Greater Capital Region, is Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the University Club of Albany, and is a member of ESSAE.

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Robert Goodman, Accounts Manager

Robert Goodman, Accounts Manager

Bob Goodman joined Mackin & Company as Accounts Manager in 2000. Bob has managed the accounts of the company as well as its association management clients, often in close collaboration with those clients. Before joining the company, Bob has served as:

  • a District Manager responsible for opening new outlets and revitalizing others for a large national retailer;
  • a business manager for a regional service station chain;
  • an entrepreneur with his own company, which helped several small business clients develop and maintain computer-based financial systems; and
  • part of a team in a General Dynamics engineering research and development laboratory that worked on military communications and other projects, and featured a multinational team of collaborators. 

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Jinelle Thompson, Director of Operations

Jinelle Thompson, Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Jinelle oversees company operations and supports the firm principals through document development, task and project planning and client and member interactions. Jinelle is also responsible for filings with the New York State Board of Elections and JCOPE.

In addition to her own volunteer activities, Jinelle is happy to provide technical and other support to the firm’s community engagement activities.

Jinelle holds a BA from the University at Albany with a dual major in Political Science with a concentration in Public Law and Sociology.

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